Single GCSE Gary is your problem!

Single GCSE Gary, the far right supporter

You have probably seen him before, he has been posted on a number of pro Remain forums. He’s the sort of guy who laughed at us when we where at school, doing our homework, so now where laughing at him, the thicko who thought he was cleverer than the teacher. Let Khalid have his job, he only has himself to blame.

Or has he?

About 80% of the issues schools have to deal with can be traced back to situations in the child’s life. Children with special needs are being failed by a system “on the verge of crisis” as demand for support soars and our educational system is failing too. Almost 45% of children fail to reach national benchmark standards, which are already lower than those in the best performing countries. Whatever the cause, we know that every year, more single GCSE Garys will enter the labour market.

In the past the labour market was able to provide work for the Garys because there was always relatively unskilled work to do such as van driving. Or employers with staff shortages would provide training and whilst Gary might not pass an exam he might be able to operate a machine. Thus the Garys were absorbed into society. But all this has changed.

Every society has an unwritten social contract that says if a person is a hard-working, decent, law-abiding member of society then that society will provide the opportunity to earn a living wage, to provide affordable housing and the other basics that a community needs to survive and to function. But without any consultation, Gary’s social contract has been torn up. It has been re-written to cover the low paid and unemployed in the poorest nations in the EU. The unskilled work that might have been available is now occupied by a glut of cheap labour from overseas. Because employers can get experienced staff from overseas the training opportunities no longer exist. So Gary joins the workers in zero-hour and temporary contracts, part of the mass under-employment that now traps many in a hand-to-mouth financial existence.

If that was not bad enough, workers from overseas are often employed in levels below their abilities. So single GCSE Gary must compete with individuals more employable than himself.
So where can single GCSE Gary turn to to find someone to protect his interests? Traditionally it would have been to the socialist parties. But they are all working to maintain high levels of migration which will trap Gary on the bottom rungs of the economic ladder. So the only people that claim to represent Gary’s interests are the far right. That is where he will turn to.

So when the mosque at the end of your street is vandalised, when the gay guy next door is beaten up, when far-right councillors take seats in your ward, and when far-right radicalism is being peddled to your children at the school gate, single GCSE Gary is very much your problem.

We can solve this by implementing a migration system that matches incoming numbers with societies ability to deal with those numbers. We cannot do this whilst we are shackled to the failed ideology of Freedom of Movement.

Unemployment replaced by chronic ‘underemployment’.

Hospitality wages up by 38%

The UK’s vote to leave the EU has pushed construction wages up 11%

The graphs below are for information purposes.

The rise of the far-right in Europe

Rise of the far right in Europe
The Rise of the far-right in Europe.

The rise in net migration to the UK

Graph of net migration to UK
Graph showing net migration to UK

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