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The data owner can request via the normal channels to be informed of any personal information that may hold on the data owner and further request that this information be deleted, changed or updated as appropriate.

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  1. To facilitate the data owners business relationship with
  2. To inform the data owner of any opportunities that believe will benefit the data owner when related to internet solutions.
  3. To inform the data owner of any exceptional circumstances such as regulatory changes, etc.

If the data owner wishes to opt out of any of the three circumstances listed, they can do so by informing of their decision through the normal channels.

If circumstances arise in which must disclose personal information, such as in a legal case, this information will only be disclosed in line with the General Data Protection Act and as required by UK law.

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Latest update 11/01/2019

Brexit No Shame

Welcome to this pro-Brexit blog

Some of the pages here criticise our migration policies and highlight the detrimental effects of these policies. Criticising the policies is not 'blaming the migrants' They are here effectively at our countries invitation and deserve the same rights and respects as the rest of us.

This blog also believes that a multicultural society is a valuable asset and values the contributions made by our new residents.

Any frustrations as a result of our failed migration policies must be expressed through our political processes and public forums and not directed at our residents from overseas.

If you disagree with this then please click the 'Leave' button below.
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