Brexit – No Shame!

This page was started to show the many legitimate, sensible and fair minded reasons for leaving the EU.

For many years there has been growing bigotry against those questioning EU and migration policies. Anyone raising these doubts is likely to be branded a bigot, xenophobe or racist.

Since the leave vote it has become clear that in certain sections of the Remain camp this bigotry has become systemic and has extended it’s malice by also branding EU doubters as ignorant “Flat Earthers”.

These pages will show that there are good reasons to criticise both EU polices and migration policies for many reasons that are not related to xenophobia or racism. Links in these articles to respected sources of research and information will show that Leavers opinions are not unfounded ignorance.

These pages will also show that a lot of the assumptions made by Remain voters are flawed or simply not true. They will show the damage that our EU membership has done to our environment, our economy, trade and society.

Evidence will also be shown as to how unstable the EU has become, and how that instability is increasing with the rapid rise of the far right across Europe.

These pages will also show how remaining in the EU will cost us 90% of our democratic representation and will replace a parliament in Westminster that is fully accountable to the UK electorate, with a remote government with little grasp of local politics, and only an ear for the loudest voices.

Thomas Covenant,
The Unbeliever.

Brexit No Shame

Welcome to this pro-Brexit blog

Some of the pages here criticise our migration policies and highlight the detrimental effects of these policies. Criticising the policies is not 'blaming the migrants' They are here effectively at our countries invitation and deserve the same rights and respects as the rest of us.

This blog also believes that a multicultural society is a valuable asset and values the contributions made by our new residents.

Any frustrations as a result of our failed migration policies must be expressed through our political processes and public forums and not directed at our residents from overseas.

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