The return of opportunity

As labour returns to Europe and creates skills shortages, it is becoming evidently clear how the abundance of cheap labour has affected employment conditions and enabled employers to skimp on investment and modernisation. On this morning’s Today program the Construction Industry Training Board confirm that we will have to train more of our own people and invest in new technologies to replace the “cheap, imported labour”. This will start to reverse the long term decline in training. Finally the young and the unskilled, millions of whom are trapped in part-time or temporary work, zero hour contracts, exploitative jobs in the gig economy or unpaid internships, will have the chance to get a foot on the economic ladder. It also shows how wrong the many pseudo-intellectual studies have been that claimed that the millions of new workers we have absorbed since 2008, a time of stagnant economic growth, have had no detrimental effect on pay and conditions.

The noose around EU’s neck

The EU will not remove the backstop because there must never be a chance that a hard border will return between the two Irelands. Fair enough, nobody wants to see that. There must never be a hard border says the EU. On no account can there ever be a hard border says the EU. We will not contemplate the possibility of a return of a hard border says the EU. And if we don’t agree to that we will have to leave on March 29th without an agreement and the EU will have to install a hard border! All Theresa May has to do now to keep the EU at the negotiating table is to stand by the stool threatening to kick it away on the 29th. I think there will be some form of agreement before then.