The horrifying cost of EU membership

The easy availability of cheap labour from overseas has enabled employers to grow quickly by putting more ‘bums on seats’. But this comes at the price of reduced productivity. The lost income from this is staggering!

Single GCSE Gary is your problem!

The glut of cheap labour from overseas is leaving the weakest in our society on the breadline. These disenfranchised people now have only one place to turn for representation – the far right. We need a controlled migration policy to stop this.

The NHS cannot survive in the EU

The EU has a ruling that healthcare is the domain of individual states. However in order to integrate commerce into a single, homogenised market, the EU is using competition laws to overide historical safeguards. Read about why the NHS cannot survive in the EU

The rise of the far right

EU policies on migration and integration are fuelling fears of loss of identity, national independence and social cohesion across the EU. As the EU intends to continue with these policies we can only expect a continued rise in the popularity of far right parties and possibly their emergence in the UK. Read more on this threat to EU stability.

Your vote at risk

Imagine next time you go to vote that your ballot paper is torn into 10 little squares and you are only given 1 with which to cast your vote. Wouldn’t you feel cheated and worried that your democratic freedoms were being destroyed? Then read how our EU membership is destroying your political representation.

Young people exploited

Many claim that Brexit is taking away the rights of the young. But the reality is that our EU membership has destroyed many opportunities for the young. Read how many of the younger generation are locked onto the bottom rungs of the economic ladder.

Environmental catastrophe

Many believe that the EU is “good for the environment”. Really? The EU has presided over decades of habitat destruction and species decline, many years of damage to fish stocks and two decades of rain forest destruction. Read more about the myth of the EU environmental stewardship.

Brexit No Shame

Welcome to this pro-Brexit blog

Some of the pages here criticise our migration policies and highlight the detrimental effects of these policies. Criticising the policies is not 'blaming the migrants' They are here effectively at our countries invitation and deserve the same rights and respects as the rest of us.

This blog also believes that a multicultural society is a valuable asset and values the contributions made by our new residents.

Any frustrations as a result of our failed migration policies must be expressed through our political processes and public forums and not directed at our residents from overseas.

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